Mobile Wallet

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When your phone and debit card join forces, you get one powerful tool: Mobile Wallet.

Add your MNB Visa® Debit Card to your digital wallet and start making purchases with your smartphone at thousands of merchants. When you pay using Mobile Wallet services, you don’t share the information contained on your card. It's simple, convenient and secure:


  •  Your mobile device sends a unique, one-time passcode to the merchant’s terminal that doesn't contain actual card information like your name or card number. 
  •  Ensure that the app is installed on your mobile device, and if not go to your app store to see if it’s available for download.
  •  Follow the simple on-screen instructions to load your card information to the app.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Wallet

  • What is the service?
    Mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay convert your debit card into a digital token. This allows merchants to accept in-store and online payments and transactions to be initiated with mobile devices via that token through a contactless payment or NFC technology.

  • What is a contactless payment?
    Contactless payments are transactions that use chip-based technology and require no physical connection between the payment device (a card or mobile device) and the physical merchant terminal.

  • What is NFC technology?
    Near Field Communication (NFC) technology enables devices in close proximity to communicate. Payment transactions using NFC technology require a contactless merchant terminal and an NFC-enabled mobile device.

  • How secure is the service?
    The safety and security of your account information is of the highest importance.

    As a security measure, you may receive a "verification required" message when adding your card to any of these payment solutions. Once verified, an on-screen message will appear stating that the card is ready for use. This verification is part of our multi-layered approach to security in payments.

    When you make payments using a mobile wallet: Your full card number is not shown to the merchant. And all transactions are monitored by our risk and fraud detection systems.

    Additionally, consumers will be required to set up a passcode or Touch ID for their device. You will need to unlock your phone to make most purchases.

  • How can I download in the service?
    For Apple Users: Find the Wallet App on the Home Screen > Add Credit or Debit Card
    For Google Users: Navigate to the Google Play store and Install the Google Pay App

  • I’ve downloaded the necessary App, but I was directed to call my financial institution. Why?
    Depending on several factors, certain cardholders may receive this message during enrollment. This is a risk mitigation process that requires additional authentication. The consumers that are redirected must manually confirm their identities before their card can be added to the service. Cardholder identity will be verified against cardholder information stored on the payment platform. Once identify is confirmed, the service will be activated. The number for this verification process is 1-844-590-5256. Please note: This number may be noted on your device or app in reference to verification of your card, such as 'Contact MNB' or 'Call your bank'.

  • When I use Apple Pay or Google Pay, does it use my debit card (PAN) information?
    No. When the account holder initiates transactions with their mobile device, their digital account number (the token) and not the primary account number, will be used to process the transaction. Your debit card numbers are also not stored on the device.

  • Help! I’ve lost my phone. Do I need to cancel my debit card?
    No, your debit card is not compromised. However, you will need to report that your phone as lost so that your token can be deactivated and a new one created. This can be achieved by either calling the 1-844-590-5256 or users can use the ‘Find My Device’ feature on Apple or the Android Device Manager, which, when active, allows users to suspend or delete tokens themselves. You may continue to use your debit card until a new token is created.

  • I want to return something I purchased using this service. Can I?
    Yes. The cashier can use the Device Account Number to find the purchase and process the return, just as they would with a traditional card.

  • My card expired and I received a replacement in the mail. Do I need to go through the setup process again?
    No. For a card renewal, the new expiration date will be automatically provided from VISA, with no action required by you.

  • Where can I use Apple Pay and Google Pay?
    In stores, look for one of these symbols at checkout: