Merger Updates

MNB Bank To Acquire Bank Of Doniphan

McCook, NE – MNB Financial Services, Inc., the parent company of MNB Bank, headquartered in McCook, Nebraska, announced today their application to acquire Doniphan Bancshares, Inc. has been approved and the purchase transaction will be completed June 7, 2022. The acquisition agreement will bring Bank of Doniphan locations in Hastings, Grand Island, and Doniphan, together with MNB Bank’s locations in Nebraska and Colorado. The combined organization will use the name MNB Bank.

“This merger allows us to build upon our commitment to providing unmatched banking experiences with new capabilities while expanding opportunities for our customers,” commented Steve Anderson, President and CEO, Bank of Doniphan. “We are confident the reasons our customers choose to work with us will flourish as we join MNB Bank, strengthening our industry expertise and ensuring we are well positioned to serve the financial needs of our customers and communities.”

“From Bank of Doniphan’s rich history to its commitment to helping people and businesses thrive, the organization complements the foundational beliefs of MNB Bank,” commented Brian Esch, President and CEO, MNB Bank. “We look forward to continuing this path to deliver the best possible banking experience by combining the strengths of both organizations and pursuing new opportunities together.”

MNB is a locally owned, full-service community bank chartered in 1907. It has served customers in Southwest Nebraska, Northeast Colorado, and the surrounding area for 115 years. Following the acquisition, MNB will be managing over $560 million in total assets with six branch locations. Both banks are equal housing lenders and members of the FDIC.

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To ensure your payments are processed properly, we recommend you update your routing number and account number as soon as possible after December 5, 2022. Your new routing number is 104100783.

All checking accounts will start with a 19 in front of the existing digits. For example, your new account will be 19XXXXXX – XXXXXX will represent your current Bank of Doniphan account number. All Savings accounts will now start with a 29 in front of the existing digits. We recommend updating all checks and electronic payments with your new routing number and account number as soon as possible after December 5th, 2022.

Please order checks through your supplier of choice - with your new ABA routing and account number. If you typically order your checks through the bank, call or visit one of the branches and a banker will be happy to assist you. If you order through a separate third party, save your receipt and present it to the bank for reimbursement up to $100 for orders placed before March 31st, 2023. Please begin using your new MNB checks as soon as possible after December 5th. Any checks written using the old Bank of Doniphan routing number and account will be automatically processed thru May 31st 2023. After that any checks presented with the old numbers could be returned.

Your new MNB Bank VISA® debit card will have a new number and will arrive in the mail in November; your old number will not be valid after December 2nd, 2022. Your new MNB card will start working on December 3rd. If you have recurring charges on your card (e.g., utility payments, membership dues, etc.), please make sure to contact the merchant and provide your new card number to maintain uninterrupted service.

To activate your new MNB Bank card, please call 800-992-3808.

It’s easy! Go to your app Store and search for MNB Bank. There is no charge to install or use our Personal Mobile Banking app. With convenient features like Mobile Check Deposit, balance, account card management, internal transfers and more, you will have access to log in to our mobile app beginning at 9 AM on Monday, December 5, 2022.

Download the MNB Bank App

To access your account online, please re-enroll by going to www.MNB.Bank. Click on Personal (next to enroll). Your PIN number will automatically be your birth year. You will be asked to create your own security question. This can be unique to you individually. Please note your current credentials will NOT transfer over. You will need your account number. As a reminder, all checking accounts will start with a 19 in front of your six-digit and 29 for Savings accounts. MNB Bank’s online banking will be available at 9 A.M. CT on December 5th for enrollment.

With MNB Bank’s Online Account, you will also have access to bill pay, Zelle, opening additional accounts and more!