Creative Ways to Give Cash this Christmas


While nearly everyone appreciates a cash gift, giving cash always comes off as a little boring. A card in an envelope… everyone knows what’s in there.

Your friends and family will enjoy our collection of fun and creative ideas for gifting money this Christmas!


Instead of just giving money in an envelope, which is so boring, fold the money into trees and make “a lot” of Christmas Trees .

Use a deer ornament and add Christmas “bucks”.

Instead of cookies, how about some Holiday “Dough”?

For college students, nothing says “I love you” like the gift of cash. Put it in a pizza box for a big surprise.

Make them work for it with a saran wrap money and candy ball! Wrap layers of money, coins, candy or whatever in a giant ball of saran wrap with the biggest prize in the middle!

You’re a star! At least you’ll feel like one with this origami money star.

Envelopes are so overdone. Put the money in a toilet paper tube to create a gift the recipient can unroll. Fun tip: save the largest bills for the end!

Empty a box of chocolates (by eating them, of course) and fill the wrappers with money instead. You get chocolate, and the recipient gets cash.

Put the money in balloons that the recipient must pop in order to get the cash. This works well for gift certificates, too, and makes getting them a LOT more fun.

In case of emergency, break the glass. What a fun way to give some moolah.

Who wouldn't want to receive a “book of money”. Write a nice note as a keepsake as well.

Couldn’t we all use a little extra dough now and then?

Roll up bills and bill-sized notes into a roll. On the last note, make a “pull here” tab. Put the roll of bills and notes in an old tissue box, or a box with a slit cut in it, with the tab sticking out.