Hot Summer Nights 2021


Join us for free, live music in the park!

MNB's Hot Summer Nights free concert series returns to Norris Park this summer! Don't miss the live music, food, kids activities and family fun on August 5 at 7 PM!

Soca Jukebox is a favorite for all ages and musical tastes. Their crowd-pleasing unique blend of Island-Rock covers everything – classic hits in Rock, Reggae, Country, Calypso, and Soca (“SO-ul CAlypso”) infused with charisma, humor, false bravado, and Rasta-goodness.
This five-piece ensemble features a battery of shimmering steel pans, an array of Latin percussion, a fastidious rhythm section, and incendiary guitar work.

All Hot Summer Nights concerts are free to attend and take place at Norris Park in McCook