Data Privacy Day Tips


Individuals today feel an increasing lack of control over their personal data. In fact, according to a recent Pew Research Center study, 79% of U.S. adults report being concerned about the way their data is being used by companies. As a result, NCSA has compiled a set of tips and best practices for consumers  to keep in mind ahead of, during and beyond this year's Data Privacy Day:


  • Personal info is like money: Value it. Protect it. Personal information, such as your purchase history, IP address, or location, has tremendous value to businesses – just like money. Make informed decisions about whether or not to share your data with certain businesses by considering the amount of personal information they are asking for, and weighing it against the benefits you may receive in return.
  • Keep tabs on your apps. Many apps ask for access to personal information, such as your geographic location, contacts list and photo album, before you can use their services. Be thoughtful about who gets that information, and wary of apps that require access to large amounts of personal information. Delete unused apps on your internet-connect devices and keep others secure by performing updates.