5 Green Banking Tips for Earth Day


To show your love for the third rock from the sun, take actions that are good for Mother Earth and your finances at the same time. Here are 5 priceless ways you can honor our planet, not only on April 22 but every day of the year!

1. Go paperless

This is one of the easiest ones. Sign up for eStatements! Not only does it help the environment by using less paper, it can also reduce clutter around your home and in your mailbox. It also means you’ll get your bank statement as soon as it becomes available.

Going paperless may save you money by avoiding paper statement fees. If you need a paper statement, you can always print a copy from your online banking.

2. Use technology to bank from home

Save gas and time depositing checks. With the MNB Mobile banking app, you can deposit your checks in a snap at home – using the camera on your smartphone.

3. Use other payment methods besides checks

Need to pay your friend for lunch or the weekend babysitter?  Instead of writing a check or using cash, pay them electronically through Mobile Banking or Mobile Wallet.

4. Pay bills electronically.

Save a trip to the post office and don’t waste paper on envelopes and stamps. Pay bills electronically with Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

5. Bank with a bank that cares about the environment

At MNB Bank we’re inspired by our late shareholder, Dolores Graff. Dolores cared greatly about environmental stewardship and was instrumental in creating McCook’s recycling program. Following in her example, we strive to recycle as much non-confidential material as possible from the bank, including paper, cardboard, electronics, and more. How we do business matters for our customers, our community, and our planet. We care about what we leave behind and we are committed to doing our best.