10 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season


We believe that the holidays are about giving AND giving back! You don’t have to fork over a lot of money to make a difference this holiday season. Here are 10 easy ways to give back -- even on a budget.

  1. Donate your time. Time is a valuable commodity, and volunteers are a valuable resource for a non-profit organization, many of which look for extra help around the holidays. Start a dialogue with the charity you want to help to make sure you can fulfill a need that they have.

  2. Donate gently used clothing. Do you have any clothes you don’t wear anymore? If you do, collect your gently used items to donate to a local thrift store or Goodwill.

  3. Save change in a jar, then donate it. Spare change can really add up. No amount is too small or too great.

  4. Visit senior citizens. During the holidays, senior citizens may feel isolated or experience loneliness. A good way to give back to the community is to visit senior citizens in your community.

  5. Help fight hunger. Hosting a food drive and collecting cans or donating money to a local food bank is a good way to help combat hunger. It's always a good idea to check in with your local food pantry to ask if there are any items that they're specifically looking for.

  6. Pay it forward. Do something nice for a stranger. Pay for the for the person behind you.

  7. Support the troops. Send holiday cards or care packages to those who are away from their family and friends during the holiday season.

  8. Give blood. Giving blood costs you nothing, generally takes less than an hour, and could save a life. Click here to see where the American Red Cross will be and schedule an appointment!

  9. Volunteer at a local animal shelter. Are you an animal lover? Make a new fur friend at the local animal shelter by volunteering to be a dog walker.

  10. Host a party. Sometimes hospitality is the best way to give back. Host a holiday party with your kids’ help, but focus on inviting those who are often forgotten, such as the new kids at school or neighbors and co-workers with no family nearby.