10 Priceless Benefits of Family Camping


Camping as a family is one of those activities that many families seem to be hesitant on, but always seem to be intrigued by. And rightfully so! Going camping with your family is an activity that is truly beyond words. It is said that…


10 Priceless Benefits Of Camping With Family

1. The bonding time is constant.

And in a great way. When camping together, the time spent just relaxing allows those conversations to just flowing. It’s a great way to get back in touch with the happenings of your families everyday lives.

2. Camping creates memories.

The more that you camp together as a family, the more memories that you’ll make. Swimming, fishing, making s’mores, playing games, reading by campfire light…all priceless memories that will remain forever with you and your family.

3. You look at each other instead of your phones.

Feel like your kids may have forgotten what your face actually looks like? When camping, they’ll put the phone down and put their focus on you and the other members of the family.

4. Rules are a little more lenient.

You’ll be enchanted by your kids’ passion for nature and adventure.

Can we take off our shoes and run through the mud?  Sure.
Can we jump in the waves with our clothes on? Why not.

5. Sleeping under the stars is the best sleep that you’ll ever have.

Who needs a bedtime when camping? And the need for alarm clocks don’t even exist! Let your body tell you when you’re tired and the sunshine be your signal that it’s time to wake up.

6. Anything cooked over the fire tastes AMAZING.

Don't feel confined to hotdogs and marshmallows! Campfire potatoes are bomb-diggity, as are grilled cheese. (Yes, it’s totally simple to cook grilled cheese over the open fire!) And if you are feeling adventurous, let your family create some unique and fun food items to cook over the campfire to taste-test as well.

7. Fresh air is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

Not only are our lives stressful as adults, but kids can feel that same way as well. Give the whole family a dose of some of the most natural stress-relief out there, fresh air. Getting outside is also a great way to remind us all (kids and adults too!) the power of unplugging and connecting with the ones we love.

8. Options for activities are endless.

Hiking, biking, building a fairy house, skipping rocks in the water? Yes, yes, and yes. The beautiful part about camping is that there are awesome activities just waiting for whatever you choose to do.

9. Camping shows your child that adventure awaits wherever they go.

And isn’t that what life is all about? Living each day to the fullest and having adventures together that pop up along the way sounds like a perfect way to enjoy time as a family.

10. Your dollar seems to stretch a bit further when camping.

Truth be told, the cost of camping is super inexpensive.

Still a little unsure? Start small. Borrow someone’s gear. Make a weekender trip of two or three nights or tag along on someone else’s camping trip (but get your own spot) so you can learn from them. Although in other vacation settings, tagalongs would be frowned upon, campers generally like a group. That way if you hate it, you’re home soon and haven’t invested a ton of money.

Happy Camping!